The 9th  edition of the international Workshop “Mosaic: Archaeometry, Technology and Conservation”, is organized by the Cultural Heritage Group of CNR-ISTEC (Faenza, Italy) in collaboration with ISIA Faenza (Higher Institute for Artistic Industries – Design & Communication), and it will be held in the great hall of ISIA (Palazzo Mazzolani, Corso Mazzini 93, Faenza, Italy) on the 24th and 25th November 2016.

The present edition is characterized by several changes from the previous ones starting from higher number of topics and the attention on the importance of the science and technology in the mosaic art, as well

expressed in the title “Mosaic: Archaeometry, Technology and Conservation – Science: a big chance for the

mosaic art”.

As  in  the  past  editions, also  this  year,  the  Workshop aims  to  strengthen more  and  more  its  role  of international point of reference for people that work on ancient or contemporary mosaics (conservation scientists, restorers, architects, artists, archaeologists, etc.), maintaining the quality, the multidisciplinary characteristics and the topical interest of the subjects that will be presented and discussed; for this purpose an international scientific committee for the selection of the proposals has been instituted.

Invited lectures session and poster session will be organized.

To participate Abstracts are required according to the suggested Topics:

   Archaeometry and technology of ancient mosaics.

   Materials and innovative technologies for the mosaic conservation.

   Conservation of ancient and contemporary mosaics. Case studies.

   Contemporary mosaic: design, materials, setting techniques. Case studies.

   Mosaic: exhibition, musealization, urban design, interior design, jewelry, fashion accessories.

   Mosaic: education – training – vocational training. Italian and English will be the official languages.

Two round tables are planned:

   Movable supports for the conservation of mosaic fragments: materials and innovative techniques.

   Materials and innovative solutions for the contemporary mosaic.

Proceedings of the workshop, in English language and in electron format, are foreseen.

Scientific Committee

Moh’d Abu Aysheh, Green Restoration, Madaba, Jordan. Stefan Belishki, National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria. Gian Piero Brovedani, Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, Spilimbergo (PN), Italy. Giovanna Cassese, ISIA Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche – Design & Comunicazione, Faenza (RA), Italy. Maja Frankovic, CIK – Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade, Serbia. Laura Gavioli, Ricerca e Cura

Mostre d’Arte, Goro (FE), Italy. Osama Hamdam, Mosaic Centre Jericho, Palestine. Sabina Kramar, ZAG

– Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Nelya Kukovalska, Kievan Sophia National Historical and Cultural Reserve, Kiev, Ukraine. Michele Macchiarola, CNR – Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali Ceramici, Faenza (RA), Italy. Fatma Naït-Yghil, Institut National du Patrimoine – The Bardo National Museum, Tunis, Tunisia. Jacques Neguer, Israel Antiquities Authority Conservation Department, Jerusalem, Israel. Marco Santi, Gruppo Mosaicisti Ravenna – mosaic art & conservation studio, Ravenna, Italy. Béatrice Serre, Béatrice Serre – Mosaique et Creations, Paris, France.

Organizing Committee

Sabrina Gualtieri, Michele Macchiarola, Elena Soragni, CNR-ISTEC, Faenza, Italy; Roberto Ossani, ISIA, Faenza, Italy.


Participation to the Workshop is free; however, registration is necessary. The deadline for the registration to the workshop is 10th November 2016.

Registration Form is  available on  the  web  site  www.istec.cnr.it and  it  shall to  be  sent  by  e-mail to:



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Participants will be responsible for making their own reservations and payments.


Email: workshop2016@istec.cnr.it

Michele Macchiarola, tel. +39 0546 699773. Sabrina Gualtieri, tel. +39 0546 699772.

Fax: +39 0546 46381.