Students have access to the library featuring a reading and consultation hall, periodicals, newspapers, volumes, magazines regarding a wide range of topics (general culture, humanities, economics, technology, art, design, etc.).

Access to the library is limited to opening hours, strictly for consultation and study. Readers are requested not to disturb the peace of the hall.

None open-access material is distributed by library staff and consultation is subject to filling in a written request with user’s name and surname.

The loan period is fifteen days and may be extended unless material has been requested by another user. No more than two items can be borrowed at the same time.

The following are not available for loan: volumes with red sticker, books which are yet to be registered or stamped, consultation-only items, periodicals, catalogue books, works of particular importance or value and books featuring in the bibliography of study courses.

Borrowers are forbidden from entrusting others with loaned items or using the library card on behalf of others.

Management may grant, within reasons, extensions on return deadlines or exceptions for the number of borrowed items in the case of students preparing their diploma thesis and who have already submitted their request for sitting the final exam.