Tools and techniques of communication 
Prof. Tiziano Cremonini

Design with Physical Modelling
Prof. Maurizio Fiori

Communication design
Prof. Roberto Ossani

3D Automatic drawing
Prof. Victor Zanotti

Drawing and form analysis
Prof.ssa Maria Concetta Cossa

Digital 2D and 3D Technical drawing
Prof. Matteo Pini

Product graphics
Prof.ssa Cinzia Calzolari

Prof. Tiziano Cremonini

Information technology for design
Prof. Matteo Pini

English Language
prof.ssa Julie Shanks – Today school of English

Mathematics for design
Prof. Gabriele Bellani

Descriptive and projective geometry
Prof. Paolo Marzani

Design methodology I with physical modelling
Prof.ssa Silvia Cogo – Prof. Giovanni Ruggiero

Design methodology II with physical modelling (Physical modelling laboratory)
Prof. Mauro Mami – Prof. Mirco Denicolò

Design methodology III with physical modelling (Physical modelling laboratory)
Prof. Franco Bertoni – Prof. Giovanni Delvecchio

Industrial ceramic processes
Prof.ssa Alessandra Sanson

Industrial metals and polymers processes
Prof.ssa Chiara Capacci

Materials science
Prof.ssa Chiara Capacci

Semiotics for design
Prof. Giampaolo Proni

History and culture of design
Prof.ssa Daniela Lotta

History and critique of contemporary design
Prof.ssa Daniela Lotta

History of contemporary art
Prof.ssa Marinella Paderni

Photography and post-production
Prof.ssa Laura Liverani

Drawing techniques
Prof. Enrico Versari

Ceramics Technology
Prof. Germano Zanzani

Metals technology
Prof. Elio Lanzoni

Polymers Technology
Prof. Laura Mazzocchetti

Theory of perception
Prof. Enrico Versari

Product atelier – Automotive design (optional)
Prof. Marco Fuligni

Communication atelier II year (optional)
Prof. Tiziano Cremonini – Prof.ssa Laura Liverani

Communication atelier III year (optional)
Prof. Matteo Pini

Product atelier – Rhinoceros (optional)
Prof. Giorgio Gurioli

Product atelier – Fashion design  (optional)
Prof.ssa Stefania Bertoni

Community languages  – Italian (for incoming Erasmus students)
Prof.ssa Samuela Tavone