Escuela Superior de Ceramica de Manises – Manises (Valencia) – Spain

Manises School of Arts and Ceramics College (Valencia-Spain) (herein forth, EASCM), was funded in 1916 in order to improve the quality of ceramic production following educational models from the mostly developed European countries of the period.

Since then we keep a close link with the different emergent ceramic sector as a result of both, formal and technological innovation.

Consequently, we adapted equivalent learning degrees in Plastic Art in ceramics, as well as Superior Grade of Vocational training in Artistic Ceramics, according to the European Educational Frame.

Nowadays, EASCM is a state school under Generalitat Valenciana (ISEACV) directives, that also gathers school teaching Art & Drama, Plastic Arts (Ceramics), Dance, Design and Music, each of them with its own specialty. ISEACV promotes in high schools the learning of Artistic Studies, fostering cooperation and professional career development of students with enterprises and cultural organizations so as to acquire experience in their professional sector. – See more at: