Sedimenti. Scogliera


Federico Giustozzi, Mariachiara Gaspari, 

Eugenio Lo Turco


Ceramics Design, Teacher Sabrina Sguanci

Models and Prototypes, Teacher. Mirco Denicolò

A collaboration with SACMI Imola


Second year, second level course in Product Design and Design with innovative materials / A.A. 2021/2022


Free expressive experimentations with artisanal gestures translate into creative processes for mass customization through robotic arms and CNC milling systems for ceramic materials. An investigation that explores chromatic imagery and textures for the creation of coordinated collections for bathroom spaces.

The concept of sedimentation is explored in depth in the geological dimension of the cliff, in its complex stratifications and in the different minerals that compose it. Cliffs as border spaces, in continuous change, where different states of matter collide and meet: a constant self-generating natural sculptural process that inspired the three-dimensional decorations and the color palettes.


Fine fire clay. Siliceous quartz enamel with blue and brown pigment / 70x52x36 cm



Porcelain stoneware colored in mass with green, blue and brown pigment / 10×10 cm / 20×20 cm


Material Spirits

Psykter, Kylix, Lekythos, Cratera


Federico Pazienza, 2019


Material Spirits is a collection of four elements conceived starting from an in-depth study of shapes and decorations present in the archives of the International Ceramics Museum of Faenza.

The recovery of Apulian and Attic red-figure ceramics (530-300 BC) becomes a citation practice conducted with the precise and light sign of vector language: an operation that translates the ancient into contemporary aesthetics and, at the same time, gives a tangible dimension to immateriality of digital.


Federico Pazienza was born in Italy where he graduated in Industrial Design at ISIA in Faenza (A.A. 2011/12). With an international background in product and jewelery design, eager to explore and with a curious nature, Federico has lived and worked in Italy, Finland and England and currently lives in the Netherlands.

In 2015 he opened his own design studio based in Rotterdam and, thanks to his extensive design experience, started a collaboration with Gijs Bakker – founder of Droog Design.

In his projects he combines digital aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship.

Photo Francesco Minotti


Domina Nostra


Veronica Bucci, Arianna Ciuni, Chiara D’Orazio, 

Euroa Casadei, Valentina Golfari, Clara Rizzolino, 

Nicole Tedeschi, Valentina Vecchio, 

Benedetta Zannarini


writing techniques for the media, teacher. Matteo Pini


First year, first level course in Communication Design / A.A. 2021/2022


An expressive and sensorial artist’s book that celebrates ceramics, a primordial but at the same time contemporary material, to which the Faenza area owes a lot. From the design and material research of Sedimenti, an investigation conducted during the Ceramic Product Design course, Domina Nostra was born, a publication in which a technological-scientific theme is made engaging through graphic and visual experiments with a strong emotional impact.